Shaniqua Gaillard, who is originally from Birmingham, AL, has made Huntsville her home since she was eight years old.  She is the single mother of two wonderful young boys.  She is a faithful member of Progressive Union Missionary Baptist Church.  She works nights at a nursing facility as a certified nursing assistant helping veterans who have served our country.

Shaniqua and her boys have been living in public housing for the past four years.  Though the unit they live in has provided them a roof over their heads for the past four years, it is not an environment where Shaniqua wants to raise her boys.  Her dream is to provide a better living environment for her boys.  Her mother has been the pillar in her life, always pushing her to strive for better for herself and her boys.   A home of her own will provide a place where she feels a great weight would be lifted off her shoulder.  As a mother, she wants to be able to provide something permanent and the comfort of knowing they will all be together sharing their home. 

“I never thought I’d be able to own my own home but now, I am closer than ever before to achieving what I consider one of my biggest goals,” Said Shaniqua.  She continued, “Recently, I was able to choose the actual lot where my home will be built and choose the way my home will look; that was by far one of the best days of my life! I am so thankful to everyone who is a part of my journey; especially all of the volunteers who are pouring their time and love into building our home and the staff who have supported me along the way….it is more than a dream come true for us.”

Help us build for Shaniqua with a donation to her home building efforts.  Your tax-deductible donation will help the Gaillard and other families in need of housing have an opportunity to have a safe and decent home.  Click here to donate.

Habitat for Humanity of Madison County is an ecumenical, grassroots Christian housing ministry that seeks to eliminate poverty housing from our community, and make a decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.  Since 1987, 280 families in Huntsville and Madison County have been served by Habitat for Humanity and our community through new construction, rehabs, and repairs.