In July of 2018, we found ourselves in need of a construction assistant. We began our usual hiring process and it wasn’t long before we had resumes overflowing from our mailbox. It took a little time to narrow things down, as this position, like all of the positions at Habitat for Humanity of Madison County, requires just the right person to get the job done successfully. We were blessed to hire Caleb Battle.

Caleb is not only one of the youngest members of our staff, but he’s bright, hardworking and certainly an asset to our team. He is currently in college, studying Computer Software. He works hard and goes out of his way to help everyone he is around.

Caleb first heard about Habitat through his church’s announcements. This particular announcement expressed that Habitat was looking for volunteers. He wasn’t sure what Habitat for Humanity was all about, but nowadays, if you ask Caleb what Habitat is, you’ll get this response:

“My definition of Habitat is helping anyone who is willing to help themselves. When our partner families are willing to partner with us, we are more than willing to do what it takes to get them in a house.”

Since Caleb has been employed by Habitat, he’s gained lots of experience. Among those experiences are:

  • Construction and building,
  • Landscaping, and
  • Advising people… much older than himself.

He is quite proud of all of the hands on learning he’s received while here, such as:

  • Learning how to drive a vehicle with a trailer attached and
  • Learning how to drive and being certified to drive a fork lift, which is something that probably would not have happened had he not been an employee for Habitat for Humanity.

“The best part of my job is encountering volunteers of all ages, who want to serve. People from all parts of the county, come together at Habitat with one purpose… to make changes in our community that will make a difference. I love it here at Habitat, and I look forward to continuing to learn while I’m here. However, I do plan to move on to something else after college. Habitat is helping me grow in character and in skills that I can take with me and share anywhere in the world.”

Right now we’re enjoying having Caleb as a part of our team. When asked what he would say to someone who would ask him what Habitat does, Caleb had this to say:

“Habitat is a special place! We’re a non-profit organization that helps and supports other organizations in our community. We give people more than a house, we give them a home. Then, we give those same individuals the resources they need to keep their homes, repair and keep up the home maintenance on the home and we encourage them to not only accomplish the goal of home ownership, but to live out the dream with pride.”

Truly Habitat for Humanity has had a great impact on Caleb; a young man in this community, with a good head on his shoulders, a heart for serving others and we believe he is destined for success.

As you can see, you don’t have to be a seasoned volunteer or retiree in our community to help Habitat accomplish our mission.  No donation is too small, so gather a group of your college friends, and have your own fundraiser to help us continue to make a difference in our community, by clicking the link below.