Habitat Homes

What Is A Habitat Home?

A Habitat home is a simple, decent place to live. Habitat homes are three to five bedroom homes, depending on family size. Homes are built in partnership with the family, our community, and Habitat. New homes come with brick fronts and one car garages. Habitat homes are sold to qualifying families on a 20 to 30-year, no interest mortgage with payments of approximately $350-$400 a month. Generally, it takes from 9-18 months from the time family is approved to the time they can move into their home.

What Criteria Does Habitat Look For In A Housing Applicant

  • You must demonstrate a need for adequate housing. A committee member will come to your present home to determine if you have a need for housing.
Since you will be purchasing your home from Habitat, you must demonstrate an ability to pay for the home:

  • You must have a consistent, verifiable income which can include wages from job, SSI, Social Security, child support, public assistance or alimony
  • Be able to show that you have a stable payment history and would be responsibe in making mortgage payments
  • Be able to pay on existing debts, a mortgage, and maintain a standard of living.
You must demonstrate that you are willing to partner with Habitat by:

  • Agreeing to complete 350 “sweat equity” hours in the Habitat ReStore, construction sites, and with other non-profits.
  • Participate in homeowner classes and various workshops.
  • Pay closing costs before closing on your home.

How To Apply

If you are interested in applying for a Habitat home, please contact Cassandra Crayton, Family Services Manager, at (256) 533-2282 ext. 11,1 or email her at [email protected].